Looking for PS4 gear and guns (have X1 items for trade)

Long shot i know, but it’s worth a try. I have next to nothing on the PS4, however, I’m absolutely loaded with skins, heads and top end gear on the Xbox One version. Wondering if anyone needs Xbox gear and in return, giving me some gear for the PS4 version? Thanks!

Give us a list of what you are looking for and at what level.


Hi, was going to state what i needed in the OP, but didn’t want to bog it down before getting responses.

Lvl 20-30 gear. Legendary mods for a siren. I literally have nothing on the PS4 version.

On the Xbone I have:
Almost every skin and heads (all characters)
All Norfleets (full manufacturer parts) - both lvl 70 & OP8
Almost all full stat mods that are useful - for all characters
Tons of max stat shields
Tons of lvl 70 & OP8 guns - almost all with full manufacturer parts and good prefixes. Other than the pistols with non intrusive sights.

I just picked up a lvl 30 Ruthless Mongol (fire, shock, explosive) if you are interested, PSN: Sun_TsuNami

I have:
30 incendiary greed
30 sandhawk
30 redy orc
30 impaler
26 corrosive hail
24 slagga
and low level hornet
possibly some other stuff too but I don’t think legendary class mods start until higher levels, I have several of those for siren.

psn: urban-stag

I do apologise for not getting back sooner. Last time i used these forums I got email notifications when I received responses. I’m now lvl 36 and have a handful of lvl 30ish gear. However, if people have lvl 40ish gear they will throw away, then please feel free to offer it. Still have next to nothing worthwhile to offer other than the xbox stuff i mentioned above.

If you’re needing help with achievements (duels etc) I would be happy to help out. My PSN is DrBawbag. If you send a FR please state you’re responding to this thread as i tend to ignore random requests.