Looking for PS4 group

I used to have a group of 3 to play with now they dont play anymore. The game was moreally fun with a group! I am just looking for a group who don’t take it to serious and just want to have fun. Go ahead and add me on PS4 if interested my psn is Legenddairy585.

Hey, dropped you in the appropriate section for PS4 play.

Best of luck!

Thanks I am new to the forums

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Welcome to the forums! Hope you find yourself a group and kick some ass.

Perhaps tell people who you feel most comfortable using? It won’t necessarily seal the deal, but it may interest those who need a slot to be filled in every so often.

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Add me my friend. PSN - JonGoober

I do detect a Citizen.

We must start a footy thread on this here forum.

what’s a footy thread?

Also there are many threads on this topic (in this sub forum!)

This one seems to be the longest thread

There’s also the battleborn discord channel

Footy thread = Football related thread.
Yes you are correct, I am indeed a citizen! (Manchester City FC fan for the non football minded folk)

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I will add you tonight