Looking for PS4 players to do co-op with

I’m looking for PS4 players for co-ops, preferably in low level range. I’m lvl 20 or 21 myself, and am in PST. Anyone with similar schedules want to add me?

My PSN is Yummybear222.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey. Dropped you over to the PS4 online play section.

Best of luck.

PSN - Musicopia
I’m CR 100 but I’m still leveling up plenty of characters and working on lore. I’ve only pvp’d a bit not too much yet (going to tho)

Are you looking for pvp or story mode?

I’m on EST I play a few hours in mornings like 8 - 10am and then at night 1030pm - 130ish am
Night time (for me) would probly work better for your schedule

Sure toss me an invite if you can… (I’m at work). I think that works out because I generally play from 6 30pm and play for 3 hours or so on weekdays.

If I seem odd or don’t respond, you can assume my g/f’s kid is playing instead of me :slight_smile:

Ok when I get on tonight I’ll add ya, I’m always running advanced and can run hardcore if you need the trophies or whatever as well

Feel free to add me and my roommate! We’re on central time and usually play between 1 pm and 1 am. We’re around lvl 50 but we don’t mind playing with lower level players.

PSN- Kiltykid & Garlock_Godhand

Feel free to add me I am also PST I am level 11 and I am on at night mostly. PSN ShadowDazzler