Looking for PS4 players to play with to get up to speed before BL3

I’m not looking for power leveling, but just a few people to play with. Sal is around 37, Gaige is around 45, but poorly geared. All other characters are around 8, and in Sanctuary for holding stuff.

Hi. I have an opt,2 op2, 2 at 80 and 1 at 50 .I’m a mature player who just plays for fun . If you want add and I can join u if you like. Cheers psn JINX115

Invite sent. I’ve got sal up to 45, so the level difference shouldn’t be too bad.

Anyone else to join? Up to 50 on Sal, finishing up TVHM

Only have a Deputy Sal at Level 80. Just started playing BL2 like a month ago or so. Most public sessions end poorly with people trying to take advantage of quests turn ins, killing farms, etc. I just want to have that multiplayer experience with other people just trying to enjoy the game and maybe not be TOTAL dcks. Some dckish behavior can be fun though. Add me when you’re close to level cap, I guess. shouldn’t be too long with Sal. PSN: TitoMcPhadden

Will do. Sal is at 51 and done TVHM, gearing up now for Ultimate. See how far I can get before Friday.

Don’t rush it or anything. Have fun, take your time. I’ll be playing this game a while lol. I’m still relatively new so I’m not going anywhere

I’ve got some trophies to finish, but I’ll be on BL3 when it comes out. Will still finish Sal at least and have to get Zero to 28 or so for his trophy.