Looking For PvE Veterans to do Diamond Medal Runs With

As the title states, if you’re a hardened PvE player, who knows the ins-and-outs of how to get maximum scores in all the PvE missions, I’d like some help getting some Diamond Medals.

I’ve gotten a few already

Normal: All but Helio, Algo, and one other.
Advance: Missing The Experiment, and two other I forget.

I haven’t attempted any of the Normal Hardcore or Advance HC missions yet, but they are on the list of ones I wanna do (HC is good to have people to help out).

If you think you can help, feel free to send me a Friend Request/Invite w.e

PSN = iPayUrFrenZ

Well, I’m not a true pragmatist, but if some one needs help I’m your man!

PSN: is SoloSmile, also part of the forum folks chat, reach out if you need an extra hand.

The trick to it is to run 5-mans. Doesn’t matter if they’re terrible (for the most part) the higher creature count alone gives you enough to hit Diamond. Average Diamond score is 80k.

Most importantly picking up all bonus score possible is a sure fire win. Those from bosses and Loot chests.

Good luck!

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Yeah! The thing is that if a 5-man is awful, you’ll fail the mission before finishing it. I don’t mind 5-mans for PvE missions if people know what to do! Like not starting the wave in The Experiment before going around to gather shards to get buildables up before the wave.

Or spawning everything in the Sentinel 1st area so you have to deal with 50 brutes, 3 Enforcers, 14 Beast Masters, 41 Gunners, 66 Bomber Thralls, and 23 Advanced Thralls

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I don’t play a ton of pve but I’ve played each mission on hardcore a number of times and am decent at the game. Would love to help

I’m very good at PvE and will be on soon if you want to play. Yesterday I got a diamond on advanced hardcore algorithm with Kelvin solo.

Thanks, send a Friend Request and I’ll add you post haste. If you see me on, shoot me a message/invite for PvE and I’ll be more than happy,

@epicender584 I already have you added, so I’ll ask you from time to time when I see you online to play with me.

Gracias mis amigos especiales!


That was fun! I hope you get a good legendary, I already sold mine :’-( I will most likely be on tomorrow around the same time, I’ll send you an invite if I see you.

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