Looking for rad fearmonger (any decent anoitment but terror yourself) and annexed fire lyuda with 125% annoitment

looking for both of these can offer from choice of multiple guns, class mods, artifacts etc :slight_smile:

So NOT this one then:

pretty much as got one which apply’s terror to self as more rather have one with regain ammo or something terror perk over it

That is the only I have… sorry

Got a rad fearmonger that regens health on ase, got any good deathless artifacts or zane/amara mods? Or maybe some other decent radiation gear

Have a Molten Vicious Lyuda 125% and a non elemental Anexed Lyuda for 125%.

Think your already on my list so just message me if interested. I’m currently looking for Fadeaway accuracy and handling is greatly increased anointed weapons for Flak. Preferably Jacobs or Vladof.

I have a Rad Fearmonger with 50% Cryo damage while terrified. Pretty much a God Roll considering it will do bonus damage to all three health bars.

I’m looking for Fl4k and Zane class mods mostly but also some good cryo weapons.

not after either as got annexed fire lyuda alreadly just want upgrade for annexed one I got if that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: and have to see what I got

think I got you added and didn’t think you could get it with normal anointed as assumed fearmonger only came with terror perk as think I sent some guns your way before, might have deathless artefact but it be random as don’t pay attension to rolls or use them much , and I got red suit, atom balm relic and some rad guns etc also got one decentish zane mod I guess (cold warrior wise) and 2-3 decent amara phazezerker mods in my opinion.

Any deathless you got and a handful of Zane and Amara mods and it’s a deal sir

just check your messages there is quite few photo’s to look through.