Looking for raiders!

I have an op8 gunzerker op8 commando along with a few friends who have op8 psycho assasin and siren. If you need help raiding and would like to join us my gamer tag is Duzan EMT. Usually online around 6p.m. Eastern time send me a message if your in for some raids or need help with missions even getting characters to the op levels.

Can confirm. I am the one with the Psycho and Assassin (also, soon to be Mechromancer). We have done a few raids and just looking for more comrades! My gt is Pandoras Savior if you want to add me as well!

Could u help my siren to op8 she is op3 and I need some help gt BlueBandit76

yo im down just add me up and invite me when ever gt is w355d0gwarr10r, would be awesome if you could help me out with a fire lyuda or some pimpernels for my op 8 zero

GT: Renegade FG. I have an OP 8 and need help raiding.

hey i want to now how to get on op and also i want to get to op8, add me: memo es genial

Hey everyone I have sent you all friend requests as of last night hope to play with you all soon