Looking for RAIN FIRESTORM:)

I’m looking for rain firestorm, I have like 100 legendarys I’ll trade whatever

I have one. Got any good infiltrator mods?

No I dont:( I have mostly beastmaster stuff

what do you have for senor fl4k? any bounty hunter mods?

Got anything for Zane?

I don’t have anything good for zane

I have a reccuring hex and brawler ward as well as some other stuff

What flavour recurring hex is it?

I don’t remember, I’ll check when I get home, I think it’s shock

If you still need 1 I am looking for a bloodletter mod

I am still looking for one, let me check when I get home

Sounds like someonr wants an Annointed Rain Firestorm.
I have one. Am looking for specific items.
Drift/Grenadier Victory Rush with Grenade dmg, Jakob crit %, aoe dmg
Moze mod: Blaster, with similar stats as above. Must have 1 point redistribution.
Unforgiven Pistol. More than 430% crit dmg
Annointed Rad Recuring Hex
[Am flexible, if you dont have anything like this, shoot me some pics of your best rolls]

I may have one, let me check when I hop on.

I have a couple of unforgiven, let me check crit chane