Looking for rakk attack anointed weapons and shields

Looking for a stop gap rakk attack anointed shield.
Sledges shot gun anointed rakk attack.
Flakkar anointed rakk attack.
Queens call anointed rakk attack.
Lucians call anointed rakk attack.
Pretty much anything level 50 with rakk attack anointment on it. I can trade or dup.

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I have a rakk attack shock Rowan’s if you need that.


Psn GRAVY_insane

I have some Fl4k stuff do you have anything for trade?

I have a lot lol BADAZZ_PSYCHO is my psn name

What’s your psn id?

I have a Stimulating Breeder anointed for Rakk Attack.

BADAZZ_PSYCHO add me please

What’s your psn?

Psn: CntBckt
I’m out right now, but I’ll look for you when I get back.

Looking for either:
Snowdrift Otto Idol (i think that’s what it would be called-Otto with cryo slide)

Rough Rider with movement speed

Echo with cryo or corrosive

Ok cool yeah just send me a friend request

Request sent

Still looking to trade?

Yes sorry I’ve been worn out from work

I’ll be on at around 7pm to 730pm central time tonight

All good.

I have a Rakk attack annointed Stop Gap. Got any Gunner/Siren annointed gear?

I do actually here add me BADAZZ_PSYCHO IS MY PSN

Im looking for Gunner Annointed Ogre/Baby Maker/Rocket Launchers/Bangarang, any Siren class mod except Nimbus, and any Phasecast annointed gear.