Looking for rakk pak class mod

I’m in need of a rakk pak class mod gamertag is R3KT Kami

Hey man I have rakk pak anything your willing to trade

What are you looking for to trade for it

Right now I’m looking for redistributers, kybs worth’s and cutsmans with while sntl active do dmg and while gamma burst active do dmg. As well as annointed big boom blasters with preferably 50% cap and or 20% weapon boosters. Also looking for blast master class mods. Will also take cutsmans with 125 to bosses

Im sorry I don’t have any of those

I actually have one blast master mod actually

Could you give me the perks and stats on it

Blood-sucking Blessed Blast Master
+3 Vampyr +2 Pull the holy pin
+28% splash damage
+50% COV weapon accuracy
+32% Atlas weapon fire rate

Do you have any weapons with sntl active or gamma burst active annoints

No I dont have anything for zane sadly

Alright man, tell ya what if you don’t need it immediately I will get ya a copy of it and try to send it tonight. No need to trade gt is Ye olde wolf

Are you able to get it to me now or do I need to wait until tonight

I will check to see if I have a copy of it and if I do I will send

Alright if not just send me a message on xbox when you get a copy