Looking for rare customization

Does anybody have an extra copy of the Gaige Head “A Bullet in Her Bonnet”? That is one cool-looking head, but I’ve never seen hide nor hair of it. Anyway, if anyone has an extra or found one that they don’t want, I’d be thrilled to trade you for it.

There is a separate “Online Play and Trading” section for each platform and that would be the appropriate place to ask for something like this.

However, I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to give you that head. The Community Day 2013 head and skin items were glitched and would not be saved with a character, and I don’t think they could be kept in the Stash or traded either. AFAIK, they were never fixed, in which case it’s not possible for someone to even have the items, much less give them to you. But I could be wrong. You could always go to the appropriate section and ask.

I’m affraid noone can help you as those were drops from an event that wouldn’t persist in bags after a save.
In other words you could use them for yourself when you found them but not keep copies.

If I remember correctly :blush: !!