Looking for Recurring Hex Radiation and 50% Hive

Looking for a recurring hex in radiation and any 50% elemental anointment hive.

I have quite a few good anointed to trade.

200% Melee after slam Brawler Ward
300% Slam Corrosive Crossroads
5% health regen after action use Transformer
Rain Firestorm
50% fire Face-Puncher
50% cryo Face-Puncher
20% Radiation redundant face-puncher
300% slam Try-bolt
300% slam Radiation Flakker
Last Stand Deathless (only notable mod is 23% element resist)
Elemental deathless (17% assault rifle damage)

I’ve only got a cloning hex radiation if that’s any good to you

I have Recurring Hex Radiation, also have Mirv-tacular Radiation. Have Hive’s of both flavors but neither is Anointed.

Would love to have that Brawler Ward and 50% fire Face Puncher.

have anointed Recurring hex Radiation grenade, interested in both the Brawler ward and Corrosive CR. anything other than the hive you would also be interested in??

Would be willing trade for a good bloodletter. Also need a 50% brainstormer. Would definitely love that hex. and no problem trading the Brawler for it. and the crossroads if you got some other items. What else you got? GT: is BrainTTU

GT is BrainTTU Ill trade the brawler ward for recurring rad hex.

I have a hive (rad) anointed, ASE deal 20% bonus radiation damage for a short time.

i have a couple different bloodletter mods, if that brawler isnt available anymore im 100% interested in that crossroad. have a large list of items you can take a peek at,see if anything interests you.
**just noticed i only listed one of my bloodletters in my trade post. ill get info on the others in the morning

I think I have an anointed butcher & anointed face puncher-I will need to double check. But I am looking for an anointed transformer, anointed caustic hive, anointed fire red line, anointed merv tacular hex.

I’m just seeing this but, Rad Recurring Hex is in your mailbox!

just sent you the brawler ward. thanks for the trade