Looking for Red Suit level 50

I have a lot of options for a trade, lots of anointed gear.

I’m looking for a Maggie with SNTNL

I don’t have a Maggie with an anointment.

I have one you can have free. Not the best stats (amp damage I think? Have to check when I’m back online) but it’s yours if you want it.

I’ll take it! You looking for anything? I have a full bank :joy:

A cloning/vindicator ghast call grenade if you’ve got one to spare? Or any shredifiers/magnificents with “next 2 mags +50% element dmg” ?

I’ll take a look when I get on, I know I have a bunch of gahst call grande, maybe an extra cloning.

I am getting on in you want to trade
Xbox name lwbadley