Looking For Red Suit Shield PS4

Hey there i’m looking for a Red Suit shield on PS4 if anyone has one!
Kind Regards

Isn’t that the quest reward for the water purifier mission at Devil’s Razor?

Edit: right place wrong mission; Angels & Speed Demons


Ive completed the run through so I can’t go back for it :frowning:

i got red suit at level 50, though do you have nucelear Jericho launcher (as wanna test it out)

I have a Jericho you can have if he doesnt have one

You can farm a Red Suit from Atomic. It’s not just a quest reward.

I have the one you’re looking for though. Do you have a Molten Vicious Lyuda anointed for Amara, or a Maggie, or an Infinity Pistol?

I have a maggie i can trade and an infinity pistol

red suit shield is quest reward as its how I got mine but wasn’t aware it was also a drop ?

sure just wanna see how well it works on amara radiation build :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Sylvestro and Atomic. Low drop rate, but you can farm them.

never farmed them probly why! also never heard of them as farmable boss/mini boss etc

Zero Target of opportunity Tazender Ruins.

do you want to trade?

What do you have to offer?

A maggie and infinity and some other legendaries

Anointed for Amara I’d be happy to. PSN jorgeammo

Probably won’t make it on until later on today though.

Please make sure to leave a note in the friend request if you add me though thanks.