Looking for red suit

Looking for red suit no anointment necessary but any ase or preferable sentinel one would be great have lots to trade
PSN: UrCorruptWeClaim

I have several my man do you have any moze items

Like what particular are you looking for

I’m mostly only after a cryo/rad or corossive/rad 2x large mag Kyb’s with the 160 splash. Or a 2x Lump with moze 30% cooldown on kill (preferably rad).multivitamin sheild that’s like the sitorak or the band of sitorak with +50% health and 30% cooldown on kill anointment

Sorry don’t have any of those still working on my Moze

That is alright send me a fr and I’ll ship a couple your way FallenDark200

Thank you very much sending it now

Np I won’t be on until 3PM today I work nights but I’ll add you and ship it out to ya

Ok np again thank you very much I greatly appreciate it

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No problem buddy anything to help out