Looking for redistributor other elements lv53,Sitorak with SNTNL Lv 53,Lv 53 electric banjo and groll seein dead Lv 53 have this for trade

I have an electric bango level 53.

Psn Noizaram

I’d like the sntnl Redistributor

I have a 53 Sitorak, but with corrosive ASE, Its a run and gun. Your welcome to it, no trade needed. I could use that transformer or scourge, but not needed if you want the shield

I got the electric banjo already sorry

Sure I will trade you the transformer for the Sitorak


PSN: GuyIncognito84

i need rad redistributor

@sunao93 I have the rad If you send me the cyro

I will send you rad

no problem

Sent it

Got a corrosive and shock redistributor if u need.

I look for (snowdrift victory rush) (stagecoach)