Looking for Redistributor PLEASE

Willing to trade. Been farming for this thing like crazy and it’s just not dropping.

Will find something to trade if necessary.

Any help would be appreciated!
Gamer tag: NavelFuzz77

I’m hunting radiation hex with on throw 25 or a red suit with Zane sntnl annoint, I have radiation one with sntnl cryo 100 as well as non annointed corrosive if you have either

Dang. I only have a standard Red Suit. Rarest thing I have, I guess, is a Roided Ghast Call.

I have a cryo one and a Rad one i can trade, still looking for the corrosive and shock ones as well - Would be interested the Anointed Ghast and any SNTL Weapons, especially from Takedown and DLC, but not too picky, Also looking for any high damage weapons with swap with clone for 130% dam.

I’ll check my inventory tonight and holler. I have a regular Kyb, but I know I have some Digi-Clone swap anointeds. Just not sure what.

I’ll add you and message you.

I have a redestributor w/sntnl 50% cryo if u want to trade for something

What are you looking for?
I’m open dealing anything I can.

Binary Kyb’s Worth ASE 100%

If not hit me up when I hop on tonight with an Xbox mssg and I will hook u up