Looking for Redistributor

Would be nice if it had a barrier anointment but willing to negotiate depending on what you wanna trade for. I may have some other stuff too.

here’s stuff i have for trade: * Ice Crops with 50% shock ASE

  • MOARR Linage with 50% radiation ASE
  • Fire Baby Maker with 120% Splash Gunner ASE
  • Corrosive Devil’s foursome with 30% dmg airborne
  • Shocking Foursome with 40% incendiary ASE x2 magazine
  • Plain dmg Foursome with 100% dmg ASE
  • shock crossroad with 50% cryo ASE
  • non-anointed crader’s EMP5 x2
  • A bunch of faisors, many with anointments
  • Breath of the Dying with 130% Digiswap
  • Shock kaos with 50% shock ASE
  • Carrier with 50% corrosive ASE
  • x2 shreddifier with Consecutive hits weapon dmg anointment
  • non anointed good juju
  • shock butcher with IB exit 40% incendary dmg
  • Polybius with IB Exit 120% splash dmg
  • Corrosive Boring gun with 120% splash IB exit
  • Fire flakker with extra Rakk attack
  • 19324 dmg x2 ion cannon with 50% dmg to enemy with 25% health or less
  • Monacle with 50% shock on next 2 magazines ase
  • Lyuda plain dmg with 100% rakk attack dmg boost
  • Lucian’s Call Phaseslam 300% weapon damage

Is the consecutive hits Shredifier double barrel? What element?

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hm…lemme check in a few. it’s double barrel but i think plain?

It’s plain dmg 281x2