Looking for regular players

I play almost every day, and on some hard missions and raid bosses I’d like to have people able to help me out, or if you need help with stuff, I can help out. Also its a little more fun playing through the game with someone else too. My highest level guy is a 51 axton, but I can power level other characters. I played B2 on the ps3 and had at least 4 max level characters with tons of orange gear, so I’m not new to this game.
I also have a few characters on the presequal but none of them are as high in level. I’d like to explore and play that game more as well.
Anyway my gamer tag is LTroastAho
I’d prefer not to play with a bunch of kids, but I don’t judge. I’m usually online from about 10pm-4am ET.
You can send me a private message or a friend request on PSN, I have the app.

Sent ya a message

Awesome, thanks

Sending you a message- just to make sure though, you are PS4 right? The ‘gamertag’ got me thinking you might have meant tk post on the XBox One section

I am only lvl 32 but I play quite often and wouldn’t mind helping out with anything.

Level 54 psn - DaveRey need help with voiracidous boss