Looking for remaining Battleborn cards

Hello everyone!

With Battleborn unfortunately coming to an end in the next months, I was hoping to finish my card collection! I recently found mine and realised I don’t have numbers 16 - 23! Shayne and Aurox are my faves and will be the main one I’m after but I would love to complete the set! I have numbers 1 - 15 I can offer to trade you with, also happy to buy!

I live in Australia and I would cover the shipping fee also so no worries there! I looked on eBay and such and couldn’t find my favourite pair which is a shame!

I’d really appreciate the help collecting the last ones I need, decided to do this as a last hurrah and have them as a momentum of a game I love and characters I love!

Thank you! :blue_heart::black_heart:

I’ll ask my contact if they’re still available, but no promises.

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That would be awesome ty, and no worries otherwise!