Looking for rough rider

Got plenty to trade. Let me know what your looking for

Just a normal rough rider, no anoints or prefixes?

Ya just normal. Obviously not willing to give anything crazy

Have any x2 Quickies or Everblasts?

Ya I have an lightning everblast++ ase100%…
Looking for a good roll spiritual driver or a few nice moze items

I am in desperate need of the roid rough rider and the machine gunner bog boom blaster …someone please help got lots to trade

I have 1 u can have for free…what’s ur gt I’ll send it to u

It’s just a plain rough rider though is that ok

Damn I actually need a roid rough rider with melee dmg

Do u have e any 50% or 100% ase cutsman u would trade 4

50% cryo one yes

What would u want for it

I have rod rough rider w 80% melee dmg

A roid rough rider lol

I’m looking for that exact shield. What’re you looking for? I’ve got some decent items for trade.

If jday doesn’t want to trade the cryo 50 % ase cutsman for it …I would offer it to u for the same a 100 % ase preferably or a 50 % ase cutsman …

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