Looking for Rowan’s Call Fire and Corrosion

i have Some class mods. Phasezerker, rope Assad dope, dragon mod, Fl4k bounty hunter, elementalist,

I also have a Flakker, anointed sppedloadin hellwalker, and front loader

Seeingeyedug is my PSN name.

Hey u still need i have fire rowans call

I do still need one. I’ll be on later tonight.

Does that rope a dope have Find your Center perk on it?

I’ll have to look when I get home later tonight.

Okay save me that phasezerker class mod so we can trade

I have both versions off rowans call too

Unfortunately no, but it does have +4 to Jab Cross.

I appreciate it buddy but Find your center is the key in a breaker mod. Thanks anyway, and good luck to you!

I need that fl4k bounty class mod. I have lots of legendary class mods. Send you friend request