Looking for RPG's to play (Xbox 360)

Hello there fellow gearheads, I have been recently playing oblivion and skyrim a lot lately and haven’t really been into it, so I was wondering what other good rpg’s are out there for the Xbox 360. If anyone knows of any please post hear, please post pictures, not necessary but if you want to post them.

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What type of RPG? If you weren’t liking TES, there are other companies that do open world better than Beth, like Obsidian’s Fallout New Vegas. But I don’t know what kind of RPG you’re looking for. Open World? Fantasy? Sci-Fi? What sub genre? Traditional? aRPG (action RPG)? JRPG (Japanese)? Are you looking for a full-on choice and consequence RPG, or something with elements of RPGs but without the complexity of long lasting decision making?


I’ve played new Vegas and Fallout three, im looking for a open world sci-fi game, or a game similar to Diabolo. And the choice and consequence thing is something that’s pretty much in every RPG. I’m not looking for a ARPG or a JRPG. And the reason I wasn’t into TES is because I’ve already played them.

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I’m just going to admit now I’ve never owned a 360 in my life (PS3 and PC player), and all of this is coming off of games I know for sure are on the 360.

Eh, not really. But this isn’t the place for that convo, so onto what I can do to try and help.

Well for one, Diablo is an aRPG. And so is Borderlands, while I’m at it (Borderlands was designed as an FPS Diablo). But anyways.

-For Sci-fi, there is the original Mass Effect trilogy, but they aren’t open world, per se. First one was more open than the other two, and even then the level design for missions in each game are linear. And they become less RPG focused and more action focused with each game. However, they are all very good.

-Also from BioWare is Dragon Age: Origins, which is fantasy but is a more traditional squad RPG. It’s the most complex console RPG that I know of.

-Another interesting game is Alpha Protocol, a spy RPG by Obsidian. While it’s not amazing or anything, it is better than the reviews at the time would suggest it was, and has a decent cult following.

-Another off-beat game is Risen 2. Never played it myself, and it does have some flaws from what I’ve gathered, but if you want a Pirate RPG, this is about the only one to exist.

-There’s always the Xbox exclusive Fable series, but… ehhhhh…

-For Diablo-esque, I’m going to assume you already play Borderlands. And both Diablo clones I know of (Torchlight and Path of Exile) are, I believe, PC only. So unless someone knows some that I don’t, that’s about all I can give you. Sorry :/.

-For a non-Diablo or non-TES aRPG, there’s always Dark Souls if you haven’t played that.

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Fable the lost chapters(anniversary)=great in my opinion

Fable 2= decent

Fable 3= pass in my experience

I just heard it was average quality but overhyped (because Molyneux), and that every game afterwards just becomes worse and worse. Hence my eh.

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All that is 100% true, but fable managed to still be a good game

You could always try Sacred 2. It’s very Diablo-esqu, with a strong fantasy sci-fi vibe going. It has a few drawbacks, chief being everything respawns. You don’t really appreciate a lack of respawns until you’re up to your armpits in kobolds.

Don’t play Sacred 3 tho. It sucks. Like, real bad.

Lemme look at my shelf here… Tales of Vesparia is a JRPG, but you have total control of your character in battle, for what that’s worth. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen was really good, but not exactly sci-fi…

Oh! Kingdoms of Amalure: Reckoning was awesome as hell! All star staff, too. R. A. Salvatore, Todd McFarlane, Ken Tolston, and Grant Kirkhope all had a hand in it. They went overboard on the budget tho, and now some municipality in New England owns the rights to it.

Pure Sci-Fi is hard to come by tho… You could try Defiance. It’s… Well, it might be free.

Dragon Age 2 was good, don’t believe the lies. Bound by Flame was… Mediocre, really. I think that developer made an RPG set on Mars, but I dunno it’s name. Then there’s Infinite Undiscovery, but that is just straight JRPG…

Okay here’s one. Dark Messiah: Might and Magic Elements is good for a laugh. That sumbitch is hilarious in how bad it is. It doesn’t even have a patch to download. Think about that for a second. Got the thing for three bucks.

Edit: originally called it Bound by Flamethrower, which sounds way more awesome than that stink burger deserves.