Looking for Rubi 61+

Pretty self explanatory. Sold mine by accident, and have no other Moxxi weapons other than the Slow Hand. If you’ve got a Grog, that’ll work too, but I figured Rubi would be a bit easier. I won’t be using it for damage, just for secondary healing (grenades, phaselock, etc)

Message me for specifics, but I’m usually on in the evenings everyday.

I’ve a level 72 Hunter Class Mod and assorted Legendaries I’ll trade away, if thats more palatable.

Hey - I’m happy to grab a Rubi for you, but the only one I have available right now is a level 72. Would that work? And if so, what element would you like, and does it need to be any particular prefix? I think slag eviscerating is the norm…

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Prefix doesn’t matter, and slag is preferred but not certainly not necessary. And yeah, 72 will be perfect; I just put 61+ as a means of increasing my odds of someone having one to give. :blush:

[edit] what i posted earlier was false. i have half an hour this morning and i’ll see if a slag one pops up =)

Awesome! Thank you! I’m Kaiser Nikolaus I

I have an OP4 slag rubi. Want it?