Looking for scourges

I’m looking for level 53 Scourges with the following anointments in order of importance. I have plenty of level 53 gear to trade, good guns including Maggies and Cutsmans and good Shields like transformers and redsuits with ase elemental damage to trade. Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll see if we can work something out, thanks.
*Gain 5% weapons damage and reload speed on kill for 25 seconds.
*After exiting IB gain 160% increased splash damage for 18 seconds.
*On action skill end splash damage is increased by 125% for a short time.

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I just picked up a 100 ase one if that interests you. Add me, same name.

I have other launchers either 125 splash or 160. Like Ruby’s 125, x2 Jericho 125, x2 tunguska 160 splash etc. I also have a cryo Moze 125 fire lump.

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I would love that lump if you’re looking to trade it.
I’ll send a request in a few hours, anything you’re looking for?

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Cast rakk or Moze gear.