Looking for serous players to co op with

Sup , just looking for people to play tps with that take the game seriously. Seems like nobody’s playing. I’m 35 years old and prefer playing with adults but if you don’t continually jump around or try and duel me it’s whatever gt INDIANAJUNE2

Ill pay, im only 20 but im definetely down for serious Co-Op action bro

Yeah, for sure! Hit me up on the Xbox and I’ll add you. Gt INDIANAJUNE2

I see you have a high level character, i havent played the pre-sequel that much so my guy is probably extremely low level

I’m like 52 with Athena but I also have a claptrap that’s 18 I think so we’ll work it out. If anything you’ll just level faster. I’ll be on all night tomorrow

Hey Man, I love Borderlands and need help questing on UVH. I’m only 13 and have a level 56. If you don’t want to play with me I understand but if you do message me on xbox. GT: BlaZ Dragon420 Message me anytime and I’ll reply quickly.

Hey you guys playing BL2 at all? Old dude here that needs BL2 partners badly!

GT is nasty nubs

I could soon. GT: Dragon420 Maybe at 5 central time I could play.

Get at me if you see me online, always down for co op, can’t seem to find anyone on there ever. Been playing BL for awhile currently lvl 24 gladiator first playthru. Jayparker1987

Yeah, for sure. I think I got some gear around your lvl still in my bank too

I’m an “old guy” too 36 y/o looking play Bl2 , level 72 assassin
Gamer tag: mike honcho 4u

Yeah, add me!

Anyone playing TPS? lvl 30 athena just bout to start TVHM. jayparker1987