Looking for Sham Sheild


Looking for a decent Sham sheild that I can use at OP7 to rocket jump.

Have been farming the bunker for the last few days non stop but haven’t had a single one drop yet (Have had two bitch drops and that is it).

Have the following items up for trade if someone can assist.

OP 7 Items
Deep Veruc
2 x Rapid Infinity Pistol
2 x Dum Pa Nukem Rocket Launchers
1 x Dippity Nukem Roket Launcher
2 X Critikal Hit Splasher Blashter Shotguns (One Elec and one Fire)
1 x No Element Bitch SMG
1 x Legendary Cat Class Mod (Siren)

OP 6 Items
Infinity Pistol (No element)
Intense Unkempt Harold