Looking for shields and a couple guns!

Does anyone have a Monarch (AR), Clairvoyant (AR), O.P.Q System (AR), or Hellshock (pistol) they could spare ? Gamertag: Sc077R0ck37 (O’s are zeroes)

Or Stop-Gap, Recharger or Messy Break-up shield ? Any help would be greatly appreciated !!

You can farm Giga for Rechargers and Stop Gaps, he drops a lot of shields the other 3 he won’t drop.

@Ross357 Cool. Thank you ! I’ve never farmed Gigamind. I wonder if looting will actually be better with the new drop rates.

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What kind of Stop-Gap you are looking for ?

I recommend checking Dr Zeds vending machines for shields.

I got 3 really good Stop Gaps last night from vending machines.