Looking for shock Handsome Jackhammer. GT: juss4

literally will trade almost anything i have thats not currently part of a character build. doesn’t matter if the jackhammer is annointed or not

I think I might have one, will look and get back to you later tonight.

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I have 2 Anointed - one with 2.2x zoom & the other without -separate anointments that I don’t know at the top of my head.

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What would you want for one of them? I’ve gotten 4 handsome jackhammers to drop but they are all kinetic

Today I am looking at alternate moze mods. It doesn’t matter if it’s a purple I am interested in all builds. I would like to see what you got. If your capable of listing what you have that would be great.

okay, i’ll dm you. I have 34 legendary and 34 purple mods for moze. Basically, I have two mules full with moze mods.

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Haha your a mod collector too! Nice

Here are a couple pics:

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Did you find what you wanted?

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I have spare bloodletter and a spare bear trooper, not currently in use I’m willing to trade. Not sure the exact, but can tell you when I get home later

Do you have any Lyuda’s?

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Yeah you have it lol I’ve gotten almost every other element of it , never found my own.

I have 3 lyudas, 2 kinetic and one elemental, but can’t remember whether it’s radiation or incendiary. Have to get back to you later for specifics

Send info of what you have and let’s work something out. Tell me about your mods & Lyuda’s. I don’t want to leave you hanging.

Sounds good!

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okay so i have a kinetic lyuda and a cryo annointed lyuda “On action skill end deal 125% more weapon damage to badass, named, and boss enemies for a short time”


Okay. Let me see what I have & check if I have a cryo lyuda or kinetic lyuda.

Those sound great I would love to trade for those. Do you want both handsome jack hammers or only 1 & your seeking other things?

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just 1. i know that @drugfreepizza guy was looking for one too, wanna share the love, im down to get on whenever im available now

Okay. I will take the cryo one. I am online now.