Looking for Shock Sand Hawk

xbox 1 gamertag is TTANKBOSS. willing to trade or help or if your just generous. Thank you

What lvl I got a lvl 61 shock sandhawk

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a 61 would be awesome right now i think i am a 58. thank man

Ashley wat lvls r u

just let me know whenever you have extra time. ill be on today around 3:40 p.m Mountain time

I got a lvl 61 shock sand hawk I’m in UK so will be on from 3:30 on wards

Ashley what lvl r u

I’m 72 sorry I was at work so rushed the last post lol

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It’s ok can u get me from 53 to 72 sometime

I haven’t done Tourges dlc yet I’ll probably farm snow man for a bit when I get bk so u can get some xp from that if u want are u in the UK

Alright just let me know when your online. Really appreciate it man

No worries it’s kind of useless to me now being 11 lvl higher

Yeah I got a sand hawk yesterday but it was just a normal with no elemental damage and a shock one would be sweet

What time will u be on

Bout 3:30 till 5:45 just add Dmghealer1its awesome with the bee shield and the relic

I will I think I’ve seen your name on the Destiny forums

Possibly i wanted to do the vault of glass

Yeah it is

I thought I saw your name I think I played with you

That was ages ago lol good memory