Looking for Shredifier, 125% next 2 mags after exiting Iron bear

Will trade all of the following:
Arctic Night Hawkin, 100% cryo damage when SNTNL is active.
Shock Lob, 130% damage on clone swap.
Cutsman, 100% damage to enemies damaged by Rakk Pack.
Cryo Super Shredifier, 100% damage while SNTNL is active

for one level 53 Shredifier with 125% Incendiary damage on the next two mags, after exiting Iron Bear. Prefer one that fires 2 pellets and has a nice chunky stock (for visual appeal), but any will do really, so long as the anointment is right.

Bump. I’ll throw in a Dictator and an ogre, both have 125% incendiary damage after exiting Iron bear.

I’d prefer the Shredifier to have the x2 on its damage value.

I have a corrosive x2 with this anointment.

Awesome. My EPIC account is Wrenus II. Add me and I’ll mail the items to you.

Do you have any none Zane/Moze gear XD. Mostly a Fl4k/Amara main myself. If ya don’t its alright, I will just send you the thing anyway when I’m back later this week.

Epic = vanaria32

Unfortunately Moze and Zane are pretty much all I play, but I do have a St4ckbot with Jakobs crit damage, assault rifle damage and sniper rifle damage.

I cannot tell you how long I have spent looking for that Shredifier, so tell me what you’re after and I’ll keep an eye out for them.

No worries! I will send it to you as soon as I can!