Looking for Side Missions (Demoskaggon)

So, for whatever reason Gearbox decided to make the randomly spawning Side Missions a thing. Issue is, I’ve done a playthrough of Zane to lvl 50 through Normal, and True, without a SINGLE one spawning. I’ve done countless farming, completed a whole bunch of side missions to see if that’d fix it, and nothing. Even went on the PC Forums and looked around, only to find stuff like “you need friends to kill specific stuff in their game, and that gives you the quests!”

Honestly, it’s stupid as all hell, and the fact that it makes it so you literally can’t do the Bloody Harvest side challenge is rather… idiotic. I just spent half an hour teleporting to and from sanctuary, closing and opening my game, and even seeing if my Moze, FL4K Or Amara would even have it. No, no, no, and obviously no.

So, enough whining about it, if you’ve got the quest done, think you could help a stranger out? Just need to head back to Pandora and kill it for the challenge. And also, screw you Gearbox and 2k. Half of your players haven’t seen it at all. Just writing this, your servers told me it sounds similar to 30+ posts on PS4 and PC alone. Maybe you should make these Ultra Rare broken side missions less rare. Just a thought.

They spawn without the mission.

I’ve been told that as well. But before even trying to get the quest to spawn I spent all of my gaming time last night to try that. Mind you, Rakkman, and many others I’ve gotten in 9-10 tries. Not this one.

Edit: Believe me, I’m going this route only because I’m a little bit annoyed trying to get this done, especially since the others aren’t even a hassle to find for me. Demoskaggon just doesn’t seem to exist for me.

I’m Stray2615, add me as I do go looking for them sometimes, that way if they pop for me you’ll get the bounty. Got both demoskaggon and El dragon Jr yesterday, and I’m gonna spam rakkman today for the event challenge