Looking for siren heads and/or skins

Nothing in particular just trying to collect them all obviously the rare ones are a priority, I have op8 legendary especially to trade. Add me on PSN Pepperoni_Tony_

I don’t have many, just the following ones:

Shrapnel Slayer
Alkaline Mistress

Ruby Wings
Vault Burst
Dahl Efficiency
Dark Focus

If you need any, I’d be interested in knowing which heads/skins you have. Cheers.

I could use shrapnel slayer, ruby, starry and vault burst

Have you got any rare skins or heads to trade? I’m collecting them too.

Any vermi heads XXX, K Killer etc? Any rare skins? I’ve not got a character to OP8, so OP8 gear is currently of no use to me.


Heads, kawaii killer, xxx, cold steel, alkaline mistress, lovely corpse,

Skins, ninja rose, candy cane, dark focus, indigo lady, bittersweet ninja, special edition fired up, to the rescue, all seeing eye, beyond the pale, supergreen, dolphins are badass, pop and rock, light urple, tangerine dreaming, hyperion honour, angled mosquito, miss ramone, frozen wrath, her violent nature, no thanks, empress,

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Your on my friends list I’m on now if you wanna trade