Looking For Siren Heads

Just wondering if anyone has any spare siren heads that they could throw my way, I lost a lot of my stuff switching from ps3 to XBone, and I’d really appreciate anything I could get. I really don’t have much to trade. Thanks a ton in advance!

Got you moved to the Xbox One section. Be sure youre posting in a subcategory next to time. It’ll get you what you need quicker.
Good luck and happy looting!

Oh thanks for that! I’m still figuring these forums out haha

I have most. Do you have any lvl 30ish legendaries for trade? Maybe bee shield, hornet or Maggie?

The only legendaries I have are a Huntin’ striker and a Harold, both 32

I just bought a Harold. If you send me a friends request, I’ll give you some siren heads tomorrow. Looking through my old 360 saves, it seems I have almost all the rare drop ones. I’m in the UK, so no idea how it would work if you’re in the US. Suppose if we see one another on, you or I can send a pm on LIVE. My GT is my forum name without the underscore. Send me a message stating this post as I’ll ignore the request otherwise.

I have a boat load of OP8 legendaries too, but I can’t use them as I’m using fresh characters.

That would be awesome, I’ve added you now