Looking for Skilled Group to Play With Regularly/Competitively

Hey guys,

Title says it all (almost). Looking for skilled teammates who are cool but still focused on optimal play. Hoping to play regularly and potentially competitively. PSN ID: ari1819

Generally speaking, support is my jam. My mains are Kleese and Ambra, and I can switch between the 2 extremely comfortably depending on team comp. Beyond these 2, I’m reasonably comfortable with Reyna and Mellka. I can play Alani and Miko but I prefer not to in competitive play.

I live in California (PST), work from home, and am definitely a night owl, so my schedule is really flexible. And for what it’s worth, I also speak French and Russian.


Looks like a lot of us are still searching for that special someone. Maybe this can help unite us…