Looking for sniper Zer0 gear

I have quite a few missing items that I simply do not have the time to farm or grind for, as in perfect parts pimpernels or Survivor/Turtle shield combo.

Here’s a basic list:
Survivor/Turtle shield combo (Preferably inflammable)
Perfect parts Pimpernels (Shock and Corrosive)
Perfect parts Lyudas (All elements)
Bone of the Ancients (Fire, Shock and corrosive)
Perfect parts Blockade
Longbow Slag Transfusion
Longbow Slag Singularity (Preferably 0 fuse time and low level)
And a “crit machine” (A low level bolshy Droog with above 30 mag size

Thanks all.

Are you looking for level 72 or OP 8 items?

Whoops I completely forgot to list that… I’m OP8

My Gamertag Is Exhaled Hatred if you would like to trade gear or need help. I’ll be on from now to 11 PM UK London time.

Hey bro, I’m looking for decent people to play op8 with, I can help with all elements bones, 39% & 47% stats. I can also help with the blockade, 1.79 delay. GT: Slippery Ogre

If you message on xb1, FYI my messages is messed up, so I’m not avoiding you if you don’t get a reply :wink:

I have all the gear now thanks everyone!