Looking for SNTNL 100% Cryo anointed

Looking for SNTNL 100% Cryo for Redistributor, Cutsman and Maggie. Let me know if you have any, and what you want for it in return.

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I just found a no element Ruthless Infinity with your anointment. 8.2 fire rate, damage 554. It is yours if you want it my friend.

I have redistributors in every element with SNTNL 100 anoint as well as a corrosive cutsman with 100% cryo

Looking for 15% life steal anoint on brainstormer, rad / shock rowans call, corrosive / cryo lucians call

Got any Recharger with ASE?

Just found Ion Barrier Re-Charger: 11032, 4.0, 1395 ASE 50% corrosive. Yours if you want it.

i most defintly do. deathshot1234 is my psn

I have an Escapist Re-charger with ASE shock damage. Interested?

Yea i have a maggie i can send you. lemme double check ill tkae em all

FR sent

Is it lifesteal on all of those you are after? Closest I am is corrosive Lucian’s Call and Radiation Rowan’s Call with attack command lifesteal 30% . Other than that I have shock and rad Rowan’s call with ASE Crit damage 25%

Preciate it brotha

Ya the 15% life steal ASE, if you don’t end up getting what you are looking for let me know.

Psn - blackoutbill

Worse part is that I swear I had Brainstormer with lifesteal, but sent it to a friend…

Just in case, I have a Kyb’s Worth Rad/corr with ASE life steal 15%.

No interest in the SNTNL infinity I listed above? If not I will purge it from my inventory.

Sorry forgot to answer you. Already have one, but thanks :slight_smile: