Looking for sntnl gear I don’t have Have lots sntnl gear list in post

My SNTNL gear

Ok, I think I understand. You want sntnl gear that is not on your list.
I’ll trade you shock and corrosive autoaimes for you skeksil and nemesis? I also have a craps (shock) and a nuclear faisor and cost effective optimized Q system and molten resolute lyuda if you would rather have any of those instead.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff you don’t have listed.

Artic Kaos
Cryo Faisor
Cryo Butcher
Crossroads cryo and others
Helix Rad
And many others

I’m looking at your

Fire Moonfire
Fire Kings Call
Fire Butcher
Fire Phebert

PSN jorgeammo

Sorry I have those already just updated my list

I’m interested in kaos

Never mind, sorry to have troubled you

I have cryo sntnl kaos.

I have a Ogre and a Devoted for you if you interested.

You on my buddylist, MeganiX

Got more stuff Sentinel stuff you not have listed.

Message me.

Sent a message

I’ve got a fire Lending with the SNTNL cryo bonus i could give out, in exchange for the Cryo anoint Garcia, help me get out of chonk stomp hell!

Yea sure

I’ll have it sent out by 7 CT today, PSN is the same as username.

I sent you a friend request

Lending sent

I have a sledges shotgun with sntnl cyro on it

Also have a sleeping giant smg with sntnl cyro on it

What do you want for them

@darkarrow325 Is it cool if I trade you two for two? Can I get the king and queens call off you for those two? I might have more for ya I’m not remembering I have I’ll have to check in a bit add me psn:FallenDark200

Yea sure we are friends already

Ok sweet I’ll send them in a bit