Looking for solid lvl 30-32 gear

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I’m currently still using legendary lvl 17-20’s and have it difficult finding new weapons

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Don’t take it as a mean comment or anything but…
You don’t “need” solid 30-32 gears.
You can def get rid of 17-20 stuff thou!
My guess is your switching from Normal Mode to TVHM. So maybe some Snowman farming (If you have the DLC available or Handsome collection.)
Otherwise. Maybe elaborate a little on what you feel you’re missing. I’m sure people here are eager to help.
Or tell us where you’re at in the story. That could help.
I may or may not even have something if I dig deep… It depends…


If this is your first playthrough, you should just play the game. Do not focus on farming specific weapons, just start the TVHM and use what you can find, greens, blues etc. If you find a Legendary weapon it’s good for you, but don’t rely only on finding it. Use everything what game can provide and enjoy it :smiley:

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I’m currently at the Data Mining mission, I have just a little left but my weapons are barely getting me there. I’ve played the game 2 years ago on my ps3 but once the disk reader stopped working I stopped playing it and only recently have I bought the handsome collection for my ps4. If anything thank you for your comment.

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Like GrzesPL & the good Doctor said, for NVHM / TVHM just use what you find and if you get a Legendary or Unique then great but Blues and Purples will get you through.

That said, everyone likes shiny new stuff so I can drop a Magic Missile x4 at lvl 35 that will
do all the way up to OP8 if you want?

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Is this in first play-through (NVHM) or second (TVHM)? Either way, there’s three easy red chests in and around Firestone you can farm for gear that should be on-level with your current mission.


And you can also try Golden Chest in Sanctuary for guaranteed purple gear at your level.