Looking for some 72's to take me threw uvhm ps4

Just trying to see if a couple 72’s would be able to carry my 57 siren threw uvhm I’m at the bright lights flying city part of the main quest line
Add me on ps4 juggaloelliff

Yo, What’s your highest level?

My 57 siren is my highest level at the moment I cross consoled so couldn’t bring my character over

Oh, It’s hard getting help…

Yeah definitely seems like it for this game

I can maybe help you this weekend. Do you want to play op levels?

I just hit 72 and op 1 if your looking to go threw op with me that would be great

I’m op8, but a little rusty on digi peak. So we can go from op1 together:-)

Witch character are you playing?
I play as meele Zero.

You guy’s think I could play with you? I only have a level 12 commando but it would be awesometo power level