Looking for some a bunch of items

Hello. I’m on the hunt for some items:
+ultra with shock ase (preferably with double rolls)
Skullmasher - consecutive hits, 300/90
Headsplosion - 300/90, consecutive hits,phasecast 250
Tizzy (corrosive/incendiary) - phasecast 250
Plasmacoil - consecutive hits/phasecast 250
Boom sickles - consecutive hits/phasecast 250
Trickshot - consecutive hits
Backburner - phasecast 250
Plaguebearer - phasecast 250
Lightshows - phasecast 250
Psycho stabber (urad anoint)
D.N.A - phasecast 250
I’m also looking for good ice breaker/ atom balm/ snowdrift victory rush’s
I’ve got a lot to trade. Gt is Ye olde wolf

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Ehy man I just found a 250phasecast shock tizzy x2 if you’d settle on that :slight_smile:

For sure. Thank ya


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Hi buddy, I scored a consecutive hits trickshot and a 300/90 skullsmasher, and I have for sure a plus ultra with elemental resistance and shock ase, I will be online in few hours, hit me up when u see mee

Right on man👍 I will shoot ya a msg

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I have the skullmasher, you got any URAD gear. Like Prompt Critical?

I’ve got a kinetic x3 prompt critical with urad