Looking for some advice on Class Mods

Unfortunately it seems that the guides in the Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel sections were never updated with the newest batch of patches and hot fixes in mind. Near as I can tell most of the information in those guides is at the very least three patches behind. I was hoping some of the more experienced players here would be kind enough to do a quick list of which class mods are good and which ones are bad. This would be for all the characters in both Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel. Thanks in advance for anyone who can provide some input.

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They’re all bad unless they’re orange.
If they’re orange, only one per character is viable.

Seriously though, we’ll need a data point for what you consider bad (in terms of character, build, and expectations). For me, I’d have to think pretty hard about which COMs I don’t actually use (and at that, which I don’t use because they’re actually bad, as opposed to just hitting skills I don’t use).


I’d argue that none are bad, but rather some have more niche uses than others. It isn’t the class mod that makes a build bad, it’s a build that isn’t utilising the Class Mod that can make it seem bad.

I’d suggest you just try them out if you’re curious. Some will call certain ones bad, and it’s true that some aren’t as good as others, but unless you try them out, you won’t know if it’s for you or not.

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Well I’m sure the others will fill the rest in, but my Jack class mod guide is up to date. Read the paragraph for an in depth analysis, or just the ranking quote for a quick idea.


I don’t know about the TPS section so much, but most of the Top Gear Guides for BL2 were updated. For example, Axton got a pretty extensive over-haul. Gaige and Kreig also got updates:

Note that all those have a section on recommended Class mods.

Maya’s buffs in the October 2015 patch didn’t really change the class mod recommendations:

Similarly for Salvador and Zer0 - no real changes as far as the Top Gear Guides go.

Edit: Just wanted to add that the date shown on the OP in each of those threads is the date created and not the date last updated. Some authors keep track of revision dates and some don’t. You should at least be able to see the number of times edited beside the date, though. You can also get a good idea of how up-to-date the OP is by checking the dates of the most recent posts - some of those threads do specifically address or link to discussion of how the October 2015 update would or would not change recommendations.


This is very out of character for you. I don’t see sarcasm from you much. Its very funny however. lol


CMs really depend on how your planing to play and what kind of Play styles your comfortable with.

From a Siren I can say this, Nurse Bad, Siren GOOOOD, Binder Good a Mobbing.

I revised the COM guide for Sal after every patch, and if there was no update, it’s because nothing has changed in the rating.

I’m not including the UCP in there because it’s optional, only for PC and keeps getting updated.

The only ones I can think of that deserve a second look since the big patch are Zero’s Spy (because of the buff to unforseen) and Maya’s Fox (Helios is now viable)

But neither of these went from mediocre to awesome. The spy is now good, not great. The Fox went from sub-par to average or good, tops.