Looking for Some Amara Gear

I am trying to update some Amara gear.

Level 60 spiritual Driver with Shotgun and/or Weapon.

Recursion Corrosive and/or shock with ASE shock and corrosive.

I have both these items but trying to get more specific items.

Corrosive Old God with ASE Shock or Corrosive.

I have a lot of items that are lvl 60 M10 but most things aren’t very specific.

I have a driver with weapon damage to has 2-3 in mindfulness and I got a cryo old god with corrosive ase,any good?

I have a Recursion. Shock/Incendiary with ase shock.

Awesome. What do you want for it?

I’ve got a god driver, elemental victory rush, some recursions

What are you looking for in Return?

What stats on the driver?

Think it’s the same one you got from Mrbs87

Ah yeah that makes sense my bad lol

What do you want in return for the recursion and elemental projector. Not interested in the 57 driver that mr bs gave you.

Got a good seein red?

The mod? Sorry I don’t use the Zane my buddy does. He has a good one I believe.

What’s your gamer tag? I’ll send you the stuff, and if you bud has a good seein red just send it over

RayMaker34. Thanks

What’s your gamer tag?