Looking for some anointed weapons

Looking for weapons that has the anointment: enemies take 100% increased dmg after being hit by rakk attack, but cant seem to drop any. Would anyone have any to spare?
Epic games name: -Purified_Death

I’ll add you and send some your way

thank you

Add me when you can: I have a (non-elemental) Lyuda with this that’s yours.


In the mail!

Did you change your name or unfriend me (both of which are fine… just can’t find you in my friends list)? I have a Duc with this anointment I need to unload.

oh yeah unfriended cause i dont like having crowded friends list
ill re add so u can

Yeah, my list is so long that the scrollbar is starting to get sketchy (but dang if the bounty wall in Sanctuary isn’t repopulated like daily).

It’s in the mail. Note: I play a crappy sort of allegiance, so unless the Rakk Attack anointment is on a piece of Tediore gear, whatever I find is yours.

thx, want me to keep u so u caan sent those u find?

Sure man… I’m housebroken too (I won’t bug you with co op requests or random chat messages).

Sent some. Sorry for the delayed accept, I’ll keep sending any that are good your way

thank you

Np. Found a maggie with that anoint so I sent it over! Any wep in particular you’re gunning for so I can keep my eye out? Otherwise I’ll just send anything I typically use

nah no weapon in particualar, the more weapons the better i can swap out depending on what im fighting

Found a cryo Infinity that’s 50% crit damage after Rakk Attack. Want it?

nah its all good