Looking for some Casual Xbox One Players to just have fun

Been having a lot of fun with Battleborn and I was wanting to look for other Battleborn players to just play and have fun with. It would be preferable to have a mic for communication. I usually do Co-Op Story Mode but when I feel like it, I do a little bit of PvP as well. Hit me up if you want to just play Battleborn and have a good time.

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Go here im sure you can find someone on this post or at least the ones affiliated with it that will play with you.


Just realized my link didnt go through soooo

Add me @AvengedHero97

Add me gt choosingaverage

I’m always up for a game, feel free to add/friend me, same name as here: Gunsmoke1084
I typically play Boldur, Montana or Klesse, but slowly learning everyone. I’m in desparate need of an all Eldrid team for my Boldur lore challenge. solo and duo doesn’t work, I think it has be all 5 team members.



Anybody want to join me for some Legendary Farming? I’m trying to get the Bunker Buster and I am online right now.

Still looking for active battle born players to play with. Just send me a message on Xbox One if you are interested. (Having a Mic would be nice).

Gamertag: NinjediX46

I will send a request later today! Mine is: xGnAsHtYxSOLID