Looking for some co-op help

I need some help fighting some of the legendary bosses (I know it’s not their name I’m just going with it) like Hyperious the Invinsible and resurrected Pyro Pete. I’ve tried doing it on my own with no success and I’m running out of eridium. If anyone will please help id greatly appreciate it

And your PSN is …

what is your class? also if your undergeared farm legendary loot midgets or tubbies you get so many legendaries and pearl weapons from them and awesome relics.

My PSN is AgentIanB. I’m a psycho. Like level 37 or so with a pretty good set up. Still not enough to do it on my own however

no real point doing invincibles low level though and yeah psychos are probably the worst class to vs raid bosses unless you have bloodsplosion or hellborn build

Oki, I’ll fr u in a minute.

Yeah I’m putting more into bloodlust now that I have mania at the place I want it for now

U got my fr?