Looking for some fresh guys to play with.PS3(:P

Hey I’m up to play with someone I’m currently on True-Vaulthunter-Mode lv.49 shortly before the warrior. Looking for a pal to play with and to trade" some stuff. Hit me up my gamer tag is Akonnan.

I’ll add you buddy, I’m online most nights and have some decent Lvl 50 gear to drop.

misterbroth PS3

Thank you sir gamer tag is Akonnan0808

i got a lvl 11 maya that i could help y’all with, its my highest level account so far.

I have a lvl op3 maya looking to clear out my bank I might have some lvl 48-72 gear. I’ll add and send a friend request tonight won’t be on till the morning though they are nowhere near perfect parts weapons or the most desired legendaries but I’m an ocd collector and have to have 1 of every legendary weapon and I have higher level versions of the ones in my bank anyway if you wanted to do a couple runs of vanilla bosses or LLMs I’m down.

PSN: SIr_Biggimus. Lookin for some people to get down with, Randoms are kinda infrequent these days.

I’ll add you later :wink:

Join me