Looking for some gear for lvl72 Gaige!

I’m looking for these items:

Redunant Fibber (with every element except slag)
4x Magic Missile
Rabid Hail (with every element except slag)
94% Sham
low level Logan’s Gun

I have fairly good amount of gear, but i can’t really put all of that here.
There’s just too much of it.

PSN: Ov33t1

do you have any legendaries i would be willing to trade for them

I have
Proactive Bitch (corrosive, slag and shock)
Swift Shredifier (corrosive and slag)
Bouncing Bunny (every element)
Razrez Lyuda (slag)
Practicable Conference Call (slag)

Those are the legendaries i don’t need, but i have some pearlescents, seraphs and uniques too.
If you have some specific legendary in mind i can see if i have it, because i might have some legendaries hiding somewhere.

And now that i think i might have some Norfleets i don’t need.

i have the 94% sham and the logans gun

I have a Fibber (fire), 94% Sham, and also a Magic Missile :3
But they’re all OP8…

If you have a 72 Rustler’s Orphan Maker shotty, I can trade a sham, level 14 logans and magic missiles.

i have a lot of lvl 72 weapons, add me : ChrisWolf88

used id with my gaige too