Looking for some gear for my zero

Hello fellow gamers,

Is there anyone who can help me with some gear?
I’m looking for op8 weapons:

Flying sandhawk fire
Lyuda fire (skorry or bolshy prefix)
Lyuda shock (skorry or bulshy prefix)

I need this gear for my zero been farming a lot of times but with no succes.

Anyone wanne help me out on ps4?

It would be helpful if you stated what platform you’re on :slight_smile:

Ps4 sorry

I have the sandhawk you are looking for. I also have a set of lyudas. Im not sure what the prefix is though. Send me a message on psn. Name is same.

I have a skorry fire one, and a bolshy shock one.
Send message on psn, i probably won’t be online again until tomorrow. We can try to set a time to meet up.