Looking for some gear (PS4)

I’m looking to get some lvl 72 gear add me on PSN: thegreeniceberg

  • redundant fibber (the richochet one)
  • sham (maybe depending on absorb chance it has)
  • bitch (slag variant only)
  • sandhawk (shock would be fantastic)

I’d also appreciate someone to play with and talk to that’s pretty active on the game so hmu if you paly regularly!

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Yeah I’m on PS4. Do you have the gear, or were you just letting me know?

Just letting you know. I’m on XBox

i have the shock sandhawk and sham both level 72 if interested let me know.

Hey I’m interested what’s your PSN? Add me

um it’s next to my username.

I’m looking for a fire Pimpernel and a good 72 Bitch if anyone is still active here. Need help with my Maya gear.

any preferences or prefixes on the pimpernel?

The crit prefix if possible.

i’m sure that’s the gentleman’s prefix. unfortunately i don’t have that level and prefix only op8 banbury. well i find one.

Do you have any other 72 gear?

well actually i found the 72 pimpernels but not the prefix you looking for. only banbury,barking and some other prefix not gentlemans. level 72 items? what you looking for?

update: the barking prefix is the level 30 sorry about that.

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the sandhawks i have

As long as you’re using these forums to arrange trading, you will need to do so in accordance to the forum rules.
No duping.

just send the friend request when ready to trade.